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Exclusive features from Xcrowme to the World

Peer to Peer Bitcoin Trades

Buy and Sell bitcoin with your preferred traders you choose who to trade with.

Currency Exchange

Without local restrictions. Using the real exchange rate with no minimum balance or monthly fees.

Send & Receive assets

You can send and receive your bitcoin to and from other Xcrowme users or Bitcoin wallets. Our users can also transfer and receive cash within Xcrowme.

User Friendly

Taking design from the top design and typography, contemporary page layouts, We have managed to create an easy to use platform for our users.

We're the best on market always deliver more than expected

Easily transfer your cash and assets from anywhere around the world.

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Send & Receive Funds in three simple step


Make an order

We have a high lists of sellers, you can filter the lists to find the seller that suits you. There are a lot of options to filter sellers.


Verify your payment

After making an order, you will be asked to pay and verify your payment. We verify all transactions to make sure your funds are safe.


Your wallet is credited

Your bitcoin is transferred into your wallet in 10 seconds. We have completely eliminated the risk of losing your assets or buying fake assets. Start managing your cash and assets today with our platform.

Our customers loves Xcrowme

I enjoyed the speed and management from using Xcrowme to manage my funds and bitcoin. I have never had this amazing experience from any Crypto exchange system, I would totally recommend them.

Ayanwola Ayomide
- Level 3

I always thought this kind of platform could never be built, it allows peer to peer transactions with security at the same time.

HallAce David
- Level 1

Xcrowme is the best I have seen so far, bitcoin transactions are free no charges. I bought $300 worth of btc from Xcrowme, transferred it to my coinbase wallet and they did not charge me.

Adebiyi Ibrahim
- Level 2
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